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AINTAB (according to some, the ancient Antiochia ad Taurum), a city of Asiatic Turkey, in the vilayet of Aleppo, and about 70 m. N. by E. from Aleppo; pop. estimated at from 35,000 to 43,000, including 12,000 Armenians. It has large manufactures of silk, leather, and cotton goods, and the mountain fort which is connected with it makes it an important military point. Aintab is one of the centres of the American Protestant missions, and in 1869 had 1,900 registered Protestants. It was conquered in 1183 by Saladin, and in 1400 by Timour. Near Aintab is the village of Nizib, where Ibrahim Pasha on June 24, 1839, obtained a great victory over the Turks under Hafiz Pasha.