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ARNIM, or Arnheim, Johann Georg, a German soldier, born at Boitzenburg in 1581, died in Dresden, April 18, 1641. He fought under Gustavus Adolphus against Russia, and in the Polish service against the Turks, and was a favorite officer of Wallenstein, who made him field marshal. In 1631 he joined the elector of Saxony, commanded the Saxon troops at Breitenfeld, invaded Bohemia, took Prague, and was victorious at Nimburg, in 1632 returned to Saxony, then fought in Brandenburg and Silesia, and in 1634 defeated the imperialists at Liegnitz. In the following year he left the service, and in 1637 was arrested by the Swedes on account of an alleged former secret understanding with Wallenstein. In November 1638, he escaped from Stockholm to Hamburg and raised at his own expense and with the consent of the imperial and Saxon authorities an army of 16,000 men against Sweden, but died before it could engage in active operations.