The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Ebers, Georg Moritz

Edition of 1879. See also Georg Ebers on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

EBERS, Georg Moritz, a German Egyptologist, born in Berlin, March 1, 1837. He studied at Göttingen and Berlin, and taught for several years at the university of Jena. After a visit to Egypt, Nubia, and Arabia, he received in 1870 a professorship at Leipsic. His first publication, Eine ägyptische Königstochter (3 vols., Stuttgart, 1864), which describes the subjugation of Egypt by the Persians in the style of a historical novel, has passed through numerous editions, and was translated in Holland, England, and America (New York, 1871). His subsequent works are more scientific; the most important are Aegypten und die Bücher Mose's (1st vol., Leipsic, 1868) and Durch Gosen zum Sinai (1872).