The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Ellsworth (city)

Edition of 1879. See also Ellsworth, Maine on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

ELLSWORTH, a city and the capital of Hancock co., Maine, the port of entry of the district of Frenchman's Bay, 26 m. S. E. of Bangor, situated on both sides of Union river, a navigable stream, which empties into Frenchman's bay about 4 m. below this point, the opposite banks being connected by several bridges; pop. in 1870, 5,257. It is one of the most flourishing towns of the state, and is extensively engaged in the lumber trade. In 1872 there were registered, enrolled, and licensed 290 vessels, with an aggregate tonnage of 17,736; engaged in the cod and mackerel fishery, 50 vessels of 1,543 tons. The city contains 11 manufactories of lumber, 2 of planing machines, pails, sash, blinds, &c., 1 of pumps, blocks, &c., 4 of saddles and harness, 2 of carriages and sleighs, 1 of axes, 1 of furniture, 2 of sails, and an iron and brass foundery. There are 4 hotels, a weekly newspaper, a library of 1,000 volumes, 22 school houses with an average of about 800 pupils, and 6 churches.