The American Cyclopædia (1879)/German Ivy

Edition of 1879. See also Delairea odorata on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

GERMAN IVY (senecio scandens), a house plant cultivated for its quick-growing, ivy-like foliage, but which is not properly an ivy. It is one of the composite family, and a native of the Cape of Good Hope. Its twining stems grow to the height of 8 or 10 ft., and are well clothed with round heart-shaped leaves, which have several pointed lobes, of a rather thin texture and a light green color. The plant is rarely seen in bloom, but it sometimes produces umbel-like clusters of small bright yellow flowers. It grows readily from cuttings, flourishes well in the dry atmosphere of dwelling rooms, and is admirably adapted to window culture; in the open ground it is a useful climber where it is desired to cover a surface quickly, but it is killed by the first frost.

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German Ivy.