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JAHN, Otto, a German philologist, born in Kiel, June 16, 1813, died in Göttingen, Sept. 9, 1869. He studied in Kiel, Leipsic, Berlin, Paris, and Rome, and was successively professor at Kiel, Greifswald, and Leipsic till 1851, when he was suspended on account of his liberalism in 1848-'9. In 1855 he was transferred to Bonn. He was eminent as an expounder of classical archæology and philology. Among his numerous works are valuable editions of Latin classics, instructive works relating to ancient Greek and Roman art, and a celebrated biography of Mozart (4 vols., Leipsic, 1856-'9; 2d revised ed., 1867). He wrote an essay on Goethe's Iphigenia, edited Goethe's letters to his Leipsic friends, and published Ludwig Uhland (1863), Gesammelte Aufsätze über Musik (1866), Biographische Aufsätze (1867), and Aus der Alterthumswissenschaft (Bonn, 1868).