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OLSHAUSEN, Hermann, a German theologian, born at Oldeslohe, Holstein, Aug. 21, 1796, died in Erlangen, Sept. 4, 1839. He studied theology at Kiel and Berlin, and in 1818 became private tutor in the latter place, in 1821 extraordinary professor in Königsberg, and in 1827 ordinary professor of theology. He was ordinary professor at Erlangen from 1834 till his death. He devoted his attention chiefly to the exegesis of the New Testament. His Biblischer Commentar über sämmtliche Schriften des Neuen Testaments (vols. i.-iv., 1830-'40; vols. v.-viii., by Ebrard and Wiesinger, 1850-'53), the most celebrated of his works, was translated into English for Clark's “Foreign and Theological Library;” and an American reprint, revised after the fourth German edition by Prof. A. O. Kendrick of Rochester university, was published in 1856-'8 (“Biblical Commentary on the New Testament,” 6 vols. 8vo, New York).