The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Rameses, or Ramses

Edition of 1879. See also Ramesses on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

RAMESES, or Ramses, the name of 14 or 15 Egyptian kings of the 19th and 20th dynasties, called collectively the Ramessids. Rameses I. was the first monarch of the 19th dynasty, beginning, according to Mariette, about 1460 B. C. He was succeeded by Seti I. Rameses II., son of Seti I., was one of the greatest of Egyptian kings, and a detailed account of his reign, as well as of that of Rameses III., in many respects an equally eminent ruler, is given in the article Egypt, vol. vi., p. 462. Very little is known of the reigns of the others.