The American Cyclopædia (1879)/Seguin, Édouard

The American Cyclopædia
Seguin, Édouard

Edition of 1879. See also Édouard Séguin on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

SEGUIN, Édouard, a French physician, born at Clamecy, department of Nièvre, Jan. 20, 1812. He was educated at the colleges of Auxerre and St. Louis in Paris, studied medicine and surgery, and devoted himself to the treatment of idiots. After the revolution of 1848 he settled in Ohio. In 1860 he revisited his native country, and has since lived in New York. Since 1866 he has done much for the study of animal heat by his publications, new instruments, and methods of thermography. He represented the United States as commissioner on education at the Vienna exhibition in 1873. His works are: Résumé de ce que nous avons fait pendant quatorze mois, with Esquirol (Paris, 1839); Conseils à M. O. sur l'éducation de son enfant idiot (1839); Théorie et pratique de l'éducation des idiots (two parts, 1841-'2); Hygiène et éducation (1843); Images graduées a l'usage des enfants arriérés et idiots (1846); Traitement moral, hygiene et éducation des idiots, et des autres enfants arriérés (1846), the standard authority on the subject; J. R. Péreire, analyse raisonnée de sa méthode (1847); Jacob Rodrigue Péreire, notice sur sa vie et ses travaux (1847); “Origin of the Treatment and Training of Idiots” (Hartford, 1856); “Idiocy, its Diagnosis and Treatment by the Physiological Method” (Albany, 1864); “Idiocy and its Treatment by the Physiological Method” (New York, 1866); “New Facts and Remarks concerning Idiocy” (1870); “Prescription and Clinic Record” (1870); “Medical Thermometry,” with C. A. Wunderlich (1871); “Clinical Charts” (1872); “Thermometry in the Family” (1872); “Manual of Thermometry for Mothers” (1873); Thermomètres physiologiques, &c. (Paris, 1873); Tableaux de thermométrie mathématiques (1873); and part of his report on education at Vienna (1875). (See Idiocy.)