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SWEDBERG, Jesper, a Swedish clergyman, father of Emanuel Swedenborg, born at Fahlun, Aug. 28, 1653, died at Brunsbo, July 26, 1735. His father was a copper smelter named Daniel Isaksson. Swedberg took his name from a small family estate. He was educated at Upsal, and in 1685 was ordained a priest and appointed chaplain to the king's regiment of cavalry life guards. In 1690 he was made pastor of Vingaker, in 1692 professor of theology at Upsal, and soon after rector of the university. In 1691 he was one of a commission to revise the Swedish Bible, which work was completed in a year. In 1694 he published a psalm book, which was suppressed as pietistic. In 1702 Charles XII. made him bishop of Skara in West Gothland, in which office he remained till his death. In 1722 he produced the first Swedish grammar ever printed. About 1732 the Swedish congregations in London, Lisbon, and North America elected him their bishop.