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TEGEA, an ancient city of Greece, in the S. E. part of Arcadia. Its territory was called Tegeatis. It is mentioned in the Iliad. Its early history was marked by a constant war with the Spartans, and about 560 B. C. it fell into their hands. About 500 Tegeans fought at Thermopylæ, and 3,000 at Platæa. Tegea became a member of the Arcadian confederacy after the battle of Leuctra (371), and subsequently of the Ætolian league. After the Roman conquest of Greece it continued to be a place of considerable importance, but about A. D. 400 was totally destroyed by Alaric. Its remains, found near the village of Peali, about 4 m. from Tripolitza, consist of broken columns, friezes, and architraves, and a church in ruins.