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Among the Comedians L. Clarke Davis 750
Appeal to Congress for Impartial Suffrage, An Frederick Douglass 112
Capillary Freaks Charles Dawson Shanly 66
Causes for which a President can be Impeached, The C. M. Ellis 88
Characteristics of the Elizabethan Literature E. P. Whipple 144
Chicago James Parton 325
Claudian Emissary, The Theodore Bacon 465
Comic Journalism Charles Dawson Shanly 167
Custom of Burial with the Head towards the East N. L. Frothingham 621
Dickens, The Genius of E. P. Whipple 546
Drift-Wood Fire, A T. W. Higginson 189
Forza Maggiore W. D. Howells 220
George Bedillion, Knight I., II. Mrs. R. B. Davis 155, 289
Germany in New York Charles Dawson Shanly 555
Golden Chains Jane G. Austin 708
Glacial Phenomena in Maine. I., II. L. Agassis 211, 281
Glimpse of Genoa, A W. D. Howells 359
Guardian Angel, The. I., II., III., IV., V., VI. Oliver Wendell Holmes 1, 129, 257, 385, 513, 641
Harding, Chester 484
Haunted Window, The T. W. Higginson 429
Henry Ward Beecher's Church James Parton 38
Heroes of Central Africa W. Winwood Reade 625
How Mr. Frye would have preached it Edward Everett Hale 198
John Vanderlyn, the Artist, Recollections of Bishop Kip 228
Katharine Morne. III., IV., V., VI., VII. Author of "Herman" 75, 174, 306, 438, 564
Kingdom of Infancy, The Walter Mitchell 120
Man who stole a Meeting-House, The J. T. Trowbridge 100
Montreal, The Founders of Francis Parkman 723
Mr. Hardback on the Derivation of Man from the Monkey 300
My Friend Bingham Henry James, Jr. 346
Negro Spirituals T. W. Higginson 685
Oldport in Winter T. W. Higginson 612
Out on Picket T. W. Higginson 271
Pioneering Mrs. C. H. Dall 403
Plaintiff Nonsuited, The I. O. Culver 583
Plea for Culture, A T. W. Higginson 29
Poor Richard. I. Henry James, Jr. 694
Rags Jane G. Austin 364
Republican Alliance, The Joseph Mazzini 235
Ristori, Adelaide Kate Field 493
Russian America J. H A. Bone 731
Sewing-Machine, History of the James Parton 527
Shakespeare, The Man and the Dramatist E. P. Whipple 715
Some Unappreciated Characters C. C. Hazewell 593
Stand-point of the Boarding-House, The J. Dana Howard 246
St. Louis, The City of James Parton 655
Strange Friend, The Bayard Taylor 54
Travel in the United States Bayard Taylor 477
True Problem, The Carl Schurs 371
United States Sanitary Commission Edward Everett Hale 416
University Reform, Considerations on John Fiske 451
Venetian Experience, A 674
Winter Adventure on the Prairie, A M. Ed. Brown 501
All Here Oliver Wendell Holmes 323
Contention between Achilles and Agamemnon, The William Cullen Bryant 92
Elizabeth's Chamber A. West 173
Familiar Epistle to a Friend, A James Russell Lowell 488
Fitz Adam's Story James Russell Lowell 17
G. L. S. John G. Whittier 707
Guerdon, The T. B. Aldrich 227
Heart and Hearth T. Buchanan Read 545
Labor A. West 345
Marble Quarries H. B. Sargent 619
Mona Alice Cary 143
On a Marble by Dubois H. B. Sargent 358
Palatine, The John G. Whittier 51
Pan in Wall Street E. C. Stedman 118
Real Estate J. T. Trowbridge 196
Red School-House, The Lucy Larcom 672
Restless, The Hiram Rich 401
River, The Mrs. Harriet Prescott Spofford 287
Sorrow Mrs. Celia Thaxter 582
Terminus Ralph Waldo Emerson 111
Timon's Soliloquy T. Buchanan Read 450
Reviews and Literary Notices.
Adventures of Daniel Ellis 761
Alger's Solitudes of Nature and of Man 640
Battle Pieces and Aspects of the War, Melville's 252
Biglow Papers, The. Second Series 123
Book of the Sonnet, The 510
Famous Americans of Recent Times, Parton's 636
Greece, Ancient and Modern, Felton's 639
Harper's Hand-Book for Travellers in Europe and the East 380
Harvard Memorials 125
Henry Hudson, Read's Historical Inquiry concerning 764
Lectures and Reports on Education, Horace Maim's 512
Lessing, Life and Works of 378
Manomin, Coloney's 127
Mosby and his Men 761
Open Polar Sea, Hayes's 511
Percival, Ward's Life and Letters of 127
Philip of Spain, Gayarré's 638
Picture of St John, Bayard Taylor's 126
President Reed of Pennsylvania. A Reply to Mr. Bancroft 762
Red Jacket, Stone's Life and Times of 383
Shenandoah, The 761
Superstition and Force, Lea's 253
Twin Records of Creation 635
Winthrop, John, Life and Letters of 254