The Bengali Book of English Verse/Sir Asutosh Mookerjee (Roby Datta)

Sir Asutosh Mookerjee.

He rose, a meteor, in the midst of men
To awe the world with splendour: many a star,
That might in other skies have shone afar,
Beside him paled, and swam not into ken.

His lore with glory fill'd the quarters then,
And won him such a name as nought could mar:
He fought, and gain'd success without a scar,
A valiant knight, whose weapon was his pen.

Good-temper'd, even-minded, patient, wise,
He lent his aid wherever he could meet
A man of promise that deserved to rise:

In dealing justice fairly, none could beat
His breadth of view, and none the solemn guise
In which all fine distinctions he would greet.