The Biographical Dictionary of America/Allen, Andrew

ALLEN, Andrew, delegate, was born in Philadelphia, Pa., in June, 1740; son of the Hon. William and Margaret (Hamilton) Allen. He was graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in 1759, completed his education at the Temple in London, England, and was admitted to the bar of the supreme court of Pennsylvania in 1765. He married Sarah, daughter of William Coxe. He was commissioner of Philadelphia County in 1768; a member of the Provincial assembly and council, 1769-75; attorney-general of Pennsylvania, 1774-'76; trustee of his alma mater 1775-78 and member of the Continental congress in 1776. He disapproved of independence, and ceased to attend in June, and was afterward attainted of treason by the assembly. He went to London and renewed allegiance and his property was confiscated. He died in London, March 7, 1825.