The Biographical Dictionary of America/Allen, Benjamin

ALLEN, Benjamin, clergyman and author, was born in Hudson, N.Y., Sept. 39, 1789. He was educated in the Presbyterian faith, but afterwards joined the Protestant Episcopal church, and began his work as a layman among the colored people of Charlestown, Va. He was admitted to the priesthood in 1818. In 1815 he published the Layman's Magazine, a weekly periodical; and in 1820 an abridged edition of Burnet's "History of the Reformation." In 1821 he assumed charge of the parish of St. Paul, phia. He established a printing office in 1827. He is the author of: "Christ and Him Crucified"; "Living Manners" (1822); "The Parent's Counsellor"; "History of the Church of Christ" (1823-'24); "Sketch of the Life of Dr. Pilmore" (1825). He died at sea, Jan. 13, 1829.