The Bird Book/Darters

The Bird Book by Chester A. Reed
Darters: Family Anhingidae


118. WATER TURKEY. Anhinga anhinga.

Range. Tropical America, north to the South Atlantic States and up the Mississippi Valley to Illinois.

Anhingas or Snake Birds are curiously formed creatures with a Heron-like head and neck, and the body of a Cormorant. They live in colonies in inaccessible swamps. Owing to their thin and light bodies, they are remarkable

swimmers, and pursue and catch fisli under water with ease. When alarmed they have a habit of sinking their body below water, leaving only their head and neck visible, thereby having 4 the appearance of a water snake. They also fly well and dive from their perch into the water with the greatest celerity.

They nest in colonies in the swamps, placing their nests of sticks, leaves and moss in the bushes over the water. They breed in April, laying from three to five bluish eggs, covered with a chalky deposit. Size 2.25 x 1.35. Data. Gainesville, Florida, May 18, 1894. Nest in the top of a button-wood tree, made of leaves and branches, overhanging the water. Collector, George Graham.

Chalky bluish white

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