The Book of Were-Wolves

The Book of Were-Wolves  (1865) 
by Sabine Baring-Gould



Smith, Elder & Co., London


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Chapter I: Introductory

Chapter II: Lycanthropy among the ancients

Definition of Lycanthropy Marcellus Sidetes Virgil Herodotus Ovid Pliny Agriopas Story from Petronius Arcadian Legends Explanation offered

Chapter III: The were-wolf in the north

Norse Traditions Manner in which the Change was effected Vœlundar Kvœda Instances from the Völsung Saga Hrolf's Saga Kraka Faroëse Poem Helga Kvida Vatnsdæla Saga Eyrbyggja Saga
  • Chapter IV: The origin of the Scandinavian were-wolf
Advantage of the Study of Norse Literature Bear and Wolf-skin Dresses The Berserkir Their Rage The Story of Thorir Passages from the Aigla The Evening Wolf Skallagrim and his Son-Derivation of the Word "Hamr:" of "Vargr" Laws affecting Outlaws "To become a Boar" Recapitulation
Stories from Olaus Magnus of Livonian Were-wolves Story from Bishop Majolus Story of Albertus Pericofcius Similar occurrence at Prague Saint Patrick Strange incident related by John of Nüremberg Bisclaveret Courland Were-wolves Pierre Vidal Pavian Lycanthropist Bodin's Stories Forestus' Account of a Lycanthropist Neapolitan Were-wolf
Pierre Bourgot and Michel Verdung 'Me Hermit of S. Bonnot The Gandillon Family Thievenne Paget The Tailor of Châlons Roulet
On the Sand-dunes A Wolf attacks Marguerite Poirier Jean Grenier brought to Trial His Confessions Charges of Cannibalism proved His Sentence Behaviour in the Monastery Visit of Del'ancre
Barrenness of English Folk-lore Devonshire Traditions Derivation of Were-wolf Cannibalism in Scotland The Angus Robber The Carle of Perth French Superstitions Norwegian Traditions Danish Tales of Were-wolves Holstein Stories The Werewolf in the Netherlands Among the Greeks; the Serbs; the White Russians; the Poles; the Russians A Russian Receipt for becoming a Were-wolf The Bohemian Vlkodlak Armenian Story Indian Tales Abyssinian Budas American Transformation Tales A Slovakian Household Tale Similar Greek, Béarnais, and Icelandic Tales
Innate Cruelty Its Three Forms Dumollard Andreas Bichel A Dutch Priest Other instances of Inherent Cruelty Cruelty united to Refinement A Hungarian Bather in Blood Suddenness with which the Passion is developed Cannibalism; in pregnant Women; in Maniacs Hallucination; how Produced Salves The Story of Lucius Self-deception
  • Chapter X: Mythological origin of the were-wolf myth
Metempsychosis Sympathy between Men and Beasts Finnbog and the Bear Osage and the Beaver The Connexion of Soul and Body Buddism Case of Mr. Holloway Popular ideas concerning the Body The derivation of the German Leichnam Feather Dresses Transmigration of Souls A Basque Story Story from the Pantschatantra Savage ideas regarding Natural Phenomena Thunder, Lightning, and Cloud The origin of the Dragon John of Bromton's Dragon a Waterspout The Legend of Typhoeus Allegorizing of the Effects of a Hurricane Anthropomorphosis The Cirrus Cloud, a Heavenly Swan Urvaci The Storm-cloud a Daemon Vritra and Rakschasas Story of a Brahmin and a Rakschasas
  • Chapter XI: The Maréchal de Retz.-I. The investigation of charges
Introduction History of Gilles de Laval The Castle of Machecoul Surrender of the Marshal Examination of Witnesses Letter of De Retz The Duke of Brittany reluctant to move The Bishop of Nantes
The Appearance of the Marshal Pierre de l'Hospital The Requisition The Trial adjourned Meeting of the Marshal and his Servants The Confession of Henriet Pontou persuaded to confess all The adjourned Trial not hurried on The hesitation of the Duke of Brittany
  • Chapter XIII: Maréchal de retz. III. The sentence and execution
The adjourned Trial The Marshal Confesses The Case handed over to the Ecclesiastical Tribunal Prompt steps taken by the Bishop The Sentence Ratified by the Secular Court The Execution
The Inhabitants of Austrian Galicia The Hamlet of Polomyja Summer Evening in the Forest The Beggar Swiatek A Girl disappears A School-boy vanishes A Servant-girl lost Another Boy carried of The Discovery made by the Publican of Polomyja Swiatek locked up Brought to Dabkow Commits suicide
Ghouls Story from Fornari Quotation from Apuleius Incident mentioned by Marcassus Cemeteries of Paris violated Discovery of Violator Confession of M. Bertrand
The Discourses of Dr. Johann The Sermon Remarks

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