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Established 1844

Volume XVI


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Espionage in the Hindu System of Administration, II—Hemchandra Ray, M.A., Lecturer, Calcutta University pis ihe ve m Stax 117
C. R. Das—S. Khuda Bukhsh, M.A., B.C.L., Bar-at-Law, Lecturer, Calcutta University — 126
Chittaranjan’s Political Ideal—S. C. Ray, M.A. Lecturer (on leave), Calcutta University, Deputy Executive Officer (Offg.), Calcutta Corporation ... 131
Historical Records at Goa : 141

Production in India—X. Y. Z. a 153
Reverse Councils and other Organised Plunders—X. Y. Z.. 155
The Glories of Magadha—H. C 157

The late Mr. C. R. Das 158
Matriculation and I.Sc. Examinations 159
Sir Henry Wheeler and Educational Problems in Bengal - 160
Government of Bengal and “Endowed Chairs” 162
Sreegopal Basu Mallik Fellowship 163
Asutosh Building 163
Tagore Law Professorship 171
The Budget 171
Oxford Degrees : New Regulations 172
‘Co-operative Stores in India’ 173
Ghose Travelling Fellowships 173
B.Sc. Examination 173
I. A. Examination 175

Muslim North Africa and Spain—S. Khuda Bukhsh, M.A., B.C.L., Bar-at-Law, Lecturer, Calcutta University 175
Heredity (Poem)—Terésa Strickland 206
Espionage in the Hindu System of Administration—Hemchandra Ray, M.A., Lecturer, Calcutta University 208
Evolution of Sanskrit Drama—Prabhatchandra Chakravarti, M.A., Ph.D., Lecturer, Calcutta University 216
Idealism and the Self—Henry Stephen, M.A., D.D., Ph.D., Professor, Calcutta University ... 229
The Dream-Ship (Poem)— Lily Strickland-Anderson, Calcutta ... 253
Step Aside—Amritalal Bose 254
Some Currency Lessons of the War (Concluded)—B. Ramachandra Rau, M.A., L.T., Lecturer, Calcutta University 257
In Dreams (Lily Strickland-Anderson, Calcutta 272
The Price of Cotton-Goods in India in the 17th Century—Satischandra Sen, M.A. 273
Soft Thoughts (Poem)—Lily Strickland-Anderson, Calcutta
The Door of Auspicious Sight (A Description of the Frontispiece)—Abanindranath Tagore, C.I.E., D. Litt., Professor, Calcutta University ...
Asutosh and Chittaranjan: A Study—Nripendrachandra Banerjee, M.A. 282
Mood and Moment (Poem)—Mohinimohan Chatterji, M.A., B.L., Solicitor, Calcutta
To J. S. (Poem)—J. M. K. Makenzie, Rangoon
The Sikh Masands ‘Reply to the EE indi: san Banerjee, M.A., Lecturer, Calcutta University
The Ethics of Genius—Umeshchandra Bhattacharjee, M.A., Dacca University ... 293
Sonepur (Pictorial)
Civilization as seen by a Gne (An Allegory) Chi y Hwang Chu, New York

Economic Life in Ancient India: A Systematic Survey ; The Economic History of Ancient India]]—Ambujnath Banerjee 317
Isa Di Var—I. B.
Early History of the Spread of Buddhism and the Buddhist Schools—B. M. Barua
Our Critics—“Ajax” 323

Tagore Law Professorship:
Adharchandra Lectures
Jubilee Research Prize
Dr. Nalinaksha Dutt
Dacca University: Financial Grant
Professor Mahendranath Sircar ...
University of Mysore: The Navinam Ramanujacharya
Sanskrit Prize ... se ‘
New Regulations : Oxford aud Cambridge ..
Records of the Government of India .
Mahamaya Gold Medal T ned
M. L. Examination i Bis D K atl a
B. A. Examination
- B. Com. Examination . ihi
Preliminary Scientific M. B. Examination he
First M. B. Examination
Final M. B. Examination
L E. Examination
B. E. Examination
PAGE Art, Economics and Politics—E. B. Havell, A.R.C.A., I.E.S. (Rtd.) 345
The Rhythm of the World—Gwendoline Goodwin T 359
What is Rhythm (A Review)—Egerton Smith, M. A., Principal, Krishnagar College 304
On the Formation of Indian Nationality— Bhupendranath Dutt, M.A., Ph.D. 369
Dawn in the Desert (Poem)—Lily Strickland-Anderson, Calcutta 384
Eugenics and Mr. Chesterton—Cedric Dover 385
My Theology : When I am Dead (Poem)—Lily Strickland-Anderson, Calcutta 400
Historical Records at Goa 401
The Kingdom of Man as Confucius saw [t—Chi Hwang Chu, New-York . 427
The Spring (Poem) — —Mohinimohan Chatterji, M.A., B.L., Solicitor, Calcutta i 432
Tibetan Devil-Dancing—Lily Strickland-Anderson, Calcutta 433
The Late Deshbandhu ; Mahatma Gandhi (Poems)— H. W. B. Moreno, B.A., M.L.C., Calcutta 439
The Arthasastra of Kautilya and the Nitisastra of Sukra—Ajit Kumar Sen, M.A., Lecturer, Dacca University 440
The Organisation of Labour—B. Ramachandra Rau, M.A., L.T., Lecturer, Calcutta University i 450
Baroda (Pictorial) .. 475
Administrative Machinery of the Scythian Period—H. C. Raychaudhuri, M,A., Ph.D., Lecturer, Calcutta University 477
The Calcutta University and its Critics— Tripurari Chakravarti, M.A., Lecturer, Calcutta University ... 486
The Apology of “Ajax” 499
Notes of An Academic “Orphan of the Storm” 506

Asoka Text and Glossary, Parts I-II—Apollodotus 529
Races of Man—P. M. 530
Factory Labour in India ; Factory Legislation in India —B.R. 531
The Wealth of India—J. P. N. 534

The Late Mr. Mahendranath Ray 534
The Late Sir Surendranath Banerjéa 535
The Late Sir Ramkrishna Bhandarkar 537
The Santiniketan and the Calcutta University 540
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