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The Canadian Soldiers' Song Book/In An Old-Fashioned Town

For other versions of this work, see In an Old-fashioned Town.


There's an old-fashioned house in an old-fashioned street
In a quaint little old-fashioned town;
There's a street where the cobble stones harass the feet
As it straggles up hill and then down;
And, though to and fro through the world I must go,
My heart while it beats in my breast,
Where e'er I may roam, to that old-fashioned home
Will fly back like a bird to its nest.

In that old-fashioned house in that old-fashioned street
Dwell a dear little old-fashioned pair,
I can see their two faces, so tender and sweet,
And I love ev'ry wrinkle that's there.
I love ev'ry mouse in that old-fashioned house,
In the street that runs up hill and down,
Each stone and each stick, ev'ry cobble and brick
In that quaint little old-fashioned town.