The Canadian Soldiers' Song Book/Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose

2412555The Canadian Soldiers' Song Book — Mammy's Little Coal Black RoseRaymond Egan


You'd better dry your eyes my little Coal Black Rose,
You'd better go to sleep and let those eye-lids close.
'Cause you're dark, don't start a-pinin'.
You're a cloud with a silver linin'.
Though every old crow thinks h'es babe am white as snow
Your dear old mammy knows you're mighty like a rose.
And when the angels gave those kinky curls to you
They put a sunbeam in your disposition too, that's true,
And they just made you dark I s'pose
Cos' your heart's so white I guess dear
They's none left for the rest dear,
So don't you cry, don't you sigh
'Cause you're Mammy's little Coal Black Rose.