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I care not what squeamish lovers may say,
The maiden that best suits my mind
Is the sweet girl that will meet me half way;
And while she is free, be as kind.

With her rich beauties I never am cloyed,
Fresh pleasures I find at her side;
I don't love her less because she's enjoyed
By many another beside.

Shall I try to describe all her merit,
I feel that I'd never have done;
She is brimful of sweetness and spirit,
And sparkles with freedom and fun.

It is bliss then to hold her and win her,
She never proves peevish or coy;
But the farther and deeper I'm in her
The fuller she fills me with joy.

She opens her thighs without fear or dread,
She points to her sweet little crack,
Its lips are so red, and all overspread
With hair of the glossiest black.

Reclined on her breast, and clasped in her arms,
With her my soft moments I spend;
And revel the more in her melting charms,
Because they are shared with a friend.