The Ch'un Ts'ew/Prolegomena/IV/ii

The Ch'un Ts'ew  (1872)  by Confucius, translated by James Legge
Prolegomena, Chapter IV, Section II




I have not to add to the Works of this class mentioned in my former volumes.

Dr. Bretschneider of Peking having stated in the Chinese Recorder for December 1870, p. 173, that the Ch‘un Ts‘ëw had been translated into European languages, I made inquiry on the subject, to which that gentleman replied in the Recorder for July, 1871, pp. 51, 52. 'Some 40 years ago,' he says, 'Father Daniel, of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission at Peking, translated the Ch‘un Ts‘iu into Russian; but, so far as I know, this translation has never been published. The manuscript exists still.' Besides this, parts of the Ch‘un Ts‘iu were translated into Russian, and published by other Russian Sinologues.’ I have not seen these translations. Dr. Bretschneider refers also to a translation of the first book of the Ch‘un Ts‘ëw by Bayer, with a Latin translation, which appeared in the ‘Commentaria Academiæ Petropolitanæ,' vol. 7; but neither have I met with this.