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The Collected Poems of Dora Sigerson Shorter/When Summer Comes


When summer comes, then you are near to me,
I feel your phantom presence on my heart,
In every wind the dead year speaks again,
And every scene springs up to take its part.

'Twas such a day, as sweet a wind arose.
To kiss with perfumed Ups your brown blown hair;
With brow perplexed and that odd smile you had,
I wondered what you thought of, standing there.

'Twas here I stooped to pluck a drooping flower,
You prayed so foolishly that vou might keep;
And here you turned a moment's space so cold,
I only laughed for fear that I should weep.

O phantom love I that haunts me restlessly.
That from my passionate hands will ever fly,
Fate owes me this, I will pursue and hold,
Or, finding you but shadow, let me die.