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The Condor/Volume 1/Number 3/Eastern Junco and White-throated Sparrow in California

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Eastern Junco and White-throated Sparrow in California.I have the pleasure to record the capture of three specimens of Junco hyemalis in California. The first, a male I took at Battle Creek on October 23, 1898, The other two were found at St. Helena, a male on the first of last February and a female three days later. Through the kindness of Mr. W. E. Bryant I may record four specimens of Zonotrichia albicollis for this state. One was taken at Los Angeles, Feb. 25, 1897 and is mounted in Mr. Bryant's collection. Three taken at Santa Rosa now belong to me. Dates of two are Oct. 13, 1898 and Nov. 23, 1898. The third one has not yet been forwarded to me. There appears to be no difference between these and eastern specimens of Z. albicollis.

Richard C. McGregor, Palo Alto, Cal.