The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 3/Kramář sends greetings

2944395The Bohemian Review, volume 3, no. 2 — Kramář sends greetings1919Karel Kramář


Next to Masaryk, Dr. Karel Kramář, premier of the Czechoslovak Republic, is the biggest man of Bohemia. He is also one of the two delegates to the peace conference.

Upon his arrival in Paris at the end of January Premier Kramář sent the following cablegram to Chicago, addressed to the Czechoslovak Board, Bohemian National Alliance and Slovak League:

“Having just arrived in France and before entering upon the work of the peace conference I am very happy to address to all Czechoslovaks in the United States, on behalf of the government of the Czechoslovak Republic, an expression of our greatest gratitude for all their work in the cause of our independence and liberty. You have worked as true American and Czechoslovak patriots; you have helped our nation and all the Allies. Free Czechoslovak Republic can never forget the services you have rendered in doing your national duty.

“Prague and Slovakia hope to see soon your delegates on the soil of the liberated republic.”