The Czechoslovak Review/Volume 3/What the Uhro-Russins write

4149943The Czechoslovak Review, volume 3, no. 4 — What the Uhro-Russins write1919


So far it is not known, whether the peace conference commission dealing with Czechoslovak claims has granted the request of the Rusins of Hungary to be joined to the Czechoslovak Republic. But the delegates of Uhro-Rusin organizations in the United States, Gregory Zsatkovich and Julius G. Gardos, feel confident that they will be successful. Mr. Gardos writes from Paris that they were welcomed cordially by Czechoslovak officials there. He says that he and his colleague take off their hats before the Czechoslovaks who have seventy experts serving their peace commissioners, thoroughly posted on any phase of the complicated Central European problem. The delegate of the Rusins from Hungary, Mr. Beskyd, tells his American brothers that no strong liberating movement could take hold among their people in Hungary owing to Magyar oppression, until news came that the Rusins in America were working for their freedom. Now the entire people at home look forward with assurance to their liberation.

The delegates intend to go to Prague and from there to the Rusin part of Hungary, as soon as their claim is favorably settled by the peace conference.

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