The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Alexander, Samuel

Alexander, Samuel, M.A., Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, son of Samuel Alexander and Eliza [Sloman] his wife, was born in Sydney on Jan. 6th, 1859. He was educated at Wesley College, Melbourne, and Melbourne University, where he matriculated in 1875, winning three exhibitions. During the next two years he won five exhibitions in the arts course, in classics, mathematics, and natural science. Mr. Alexander was elected scholar of Balliol College, Oxford, in Nov. 1877; was Prox. Acc. University Junior Mathematical Scholarship in 1878; and was first class in Classical Moderations, and first class in Mathematical Moderations in 1879. He was first class in the Final School of Litteræ Humaniores in 1881. He received the degree of B.A. in 1881, and of M.A. in 1884. Since taking his degree Mr. Alexander has devoted himself to the study of philosophy. He was elected Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, in 1882, and from 1883 to the end of 1888 lectured on philosophy at Lincoln College. In 1885 he was appointed examiner in the Final School of Litteræ Humaniores, a position which he held till 1887, when he was awarded the Green Memorial Prize for Moral Philosophy. In 1889 he published a treatise on Ethics, entitled "Moral Order and Progress" (London, Trübner). This had been partly founded on a prize essay. Mr. Alexander is the author of various smaller contributions in Mind, and elsewhere; an article on Hegel's "Conception of Nature," in Mind for 1886, being especially worthy of notice.