The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Anstey, Hon. Henry Frampton

Anstey, Hon. Henry Frampton, K.S.G., was son of Thos. Anstey, of Anstey Burton, Tas., and was elected to the Legislative Council of Tasmania in 1850, and to the first House of Assembly in 1856, on both occasions for the district of Oatlands. He was Secretary for Lands and Works in the first Tasmanian Ministry from Nov. 1856 to Feb. 1857. Having been received into the Roman Catholic Church in 1842, he was created a Knight of St. Gregory by Pius IX., and by special privilege was buried in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo at Rome, where he resided for two years prior to his death on July 8th, 1862, at the age of forty. He was Roman correspondent of the London Tablet during his stay in the Eternal City, and was brother of Mr. T. Chisholm Anstey, the well-known and eccentric Indian publicist and member of the House of Commons.