The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Buvelot, Abraham Louis

Buvelot, Abraham Louis, was born in Switzerland on March 3rd, 1814, and very early displayed artistic leanings, studying his profession at Lausanne and Paris. After fourteen years' residence in Brazil, where he painted some excellent landscapes, he finally came to Melbourne in 1865, where three of his pictures—"A Winter Morning in Heidelberg," "A Summer Afternoon at Templestow," and "Waterpool at Coleraine"—we repurchased by the trustees of the Victorian National Gallery. At the Melbourne Exhibition of 1875 he gained a first prize for "View of Gisborne" and a "Sea Piece."

In appended Supplement, p. 530

Buvelot, Abraham Louis (p. 74). He died on May 31st, 1888.