The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Calvert, Caroline Louisa Waring

Calvert, Caroline Louisa Waring, better known under her maiden name, was the youngest daughter of the late James Atkinson, and was born at Oldbury, near Berrima, N.S.W., on Feb. 25th, 1834. Her mother had in early life written some successful books for children; and when very young Miss Atkinson wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald a series of papers called "A Voice from the Country," which attracted considerable notice at the time. Miss Atkinson also wrote "Gertrude" (1857), "Cowanda" (1859), "Tom Hillicker," and other Australian tales, illustrated by herself. Besides productions published in the Sydney Mail, she was the author of some Kurrajong sketches which appeared in the Town and Country Journal. During her residence at Kurrajong she collected valuable specimens of native plants for Baron F. von Müller, many of which are recorded in "Flora Australiensis" and the "Fragmenta Phytographia Australiæ" The genus Atkinsonia was established in her honour, and the species Epacris Calvertiana was named to indicate her exertions at a later period. In 1870 she married Mr. James Snowden Calvert, who accompanied Dr. Leichardt in his exploring expedition to Port Essington in 1843-5. She died suddenly on April 28th, 1872. Mr. Calvert died in July 1874.