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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Duncan, William Augustine

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Duncan, William Augustine, C.M.G., was born in Aberdeenshire in 1811, and educated for the ministry of the Scotch Church, but became a Roman Catholic, and was a student at the Scots Benedictine College, Ratisbon, and then at Blairs, Kincardineshire, where he renounced the intention he had formed of joining the priesthood. He married, and was a bookseller and publisher at Aberdeen. He emigrated to Sydney in 1888, and the next year was appointed editor and trustee of a new paper, the Australasian Chronicle, which was to be the organ of the Roman Catholic party. In 1843 Mr. Duncan started Duncan's Weekly Register. He was appointed Sub-collector of Customs at Moreton Bay in 1856, and after his settlement at Brisbane was appointed Water Police Magistrate, Guardian of Minors, and Local Immigration Commissioner. In May 1859 he returned to Sydney, and was made a member of the National Board of Education and Collector of Customs. He was created C.M.G. in 1881, when he resigned the position of Collector of Customs of New South Wales, and died on June 26th, 1885.