The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Gahan, Charles Frederick

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Gahan, Charles Frederick, F.R.G.S., sometime Postmaster-General, Western Australia, entered the Royal Navy in June 1862, and served for about eleven and a half years, principally at the Cape of Good Hope and on the east coast of Africa. He was specially employed under the India Office from 1875 to 1878, and under the Admiralty from June of the latter year till Nov. 1881. For four years subsequently he was Head Accountant and Acting Secretary of the Executive and Legislative Councils of Mauritius. In 1885 he was despatched on special service to the Bahamas, and in 1887 was appointed to succeed Mr. Helmich as Postmaster-General and Superintendent of Telegraphs in Western Australia, both which posts he held till his death on April 27th, 1889, at the age of forty-three years.