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Gawler, Henry, eldest son of Lieut.-Colonel George Gawler, K.H., formerly Governor of South Australia (q.v.), was born at Quorn, near Derby, in 1827, and went to that colony with his father in 1838, but was sent to England to be educated. He was at Rugby under Dr. Tait, and afterwards studied at King's College, London. He entered at the Middle Temple in Nov. 1849, and was called to the bar in Nov. 1852. Mr. Gawler married on June 25th, 1857, Caroline Augusta, third daughter of the Rev. B. Philpot, sometime Archdeacon of the Isle of Man, and returned to South Australia early in 1858, when he was appointed solicitor to the Lands Titles Office under the "Torrens Act," which then came into force. Mr. Gawler was Attorney-General without a seat in Parliament for a few days in Oct. 1861 and March 1876, under Messrs. Waterhouse and Boucaut. In 1870, at the request of the Government of New Zealand, Mr. Gawler performed valuable service in the inauguration of the Torrens system of land transfer in that colony.