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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Gillies, Hon. Thomas Bannatyne

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Gillies, Hon. Thomas Bannatyne, formerly Puisne Judge, New Zealand, arrived in Otago in 1852, and after a time practised as a lawyer. In 1860 he was elected to the House of Representatives, and became Attorney-General in Mr. Domett's Administration on August 6th, 1862, retiring fifteen days later, when he was succeeded by Mr. Sewell. In the Whitaker-Fox Ministry which followed on Oct 30th, 1863, Mr. Gillies had the portfolios of Postmaster-General and Secretory of Crown Lands, which he held till Nov. 24th and Jan. 13th, 1864, respectively. Under Mr. Stafford, from Sept. 10th to Oct. 11th, 1872, Mr. Gillies was Colonial Treasurer. In 1865 he removed to Auckland, and was Superintendent of the province of Auckland from 1869 to 1873. In 1875 he was appointed Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court. Mr. Gillies, who died in August 1889, founded two science scholarships in connection with Auckland University College.