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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Gordon, Major James Miller

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Gordon, Major James Miller, son of Carlos Pedro Gordon, of Aberdeenshire, was formerly in the Royal Artillery, and became connected with the South Australian military forces in Jan. 1882. In September of that year, when a permanent force of garrison artillery was formed under the provisions of an Act passed in 1878, and amended in 1880, Major Gordon was appointed major-commanding. In Feb. and March 1888, during Brigadier-General Owen's absence on leave, prior to his final retirement, Major Gordon was acting-commandant, with the temporary rank of colonel. He still commands the South Australian Artillery, and is aide-de-camp to the Earl of Kintore. Major Gordon was married in Melbourne to Eily, daughter of the late Edward Fitzgerald, of Castlemaine, Vict., on Feb. 29th, 1892.