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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Henty, Hon. James

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Henty, Hon. James, M.L.C., brother of above and eldest son of Thomas Henty, was born at West Tarring on Sept. 24th, 1800. He was engaged in farming with his father, and then joined the family banking firm in the county of Sussex. In June 1829 he went to West Australia with his brothers John and Stephen George, but, being dissatisfied with the country, proceeded to Tasmania in 1831, where his father and brothers joined him. Mr. James Henty started business as a general merchant in Launceston, and from 1851 was head of the firm of James Henty and Co., of Melbourne and Geelong. Mr. Henty declined a nominee seat in the Legislative Council of Tasmania in 1844, and settled permanently in Victoria in 1851, being, returned to the old Legislative Council of that colony in the following year. After responsible government was conceded, Mr. Henty sat in the present Legislative Council of Victoria as member for the South-western Province. He was one of the promoters of the Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway, and was one of the directors, and for some time chairman, of the company. He married in 1830 Miss Carter, of Worthing, Sussex, who died in 1868. Mr. Henty died in 1882.