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Hingston, James, the well-known writer of Melbourne, was born at London in 1830, and is the brother of E. P. Hingston, who edited Artemus Ward's writings, and introduced that eccentric genius to the American and English public. 'He went to Melbourne in 1852 and worked for a year on the diggings in Victoria. Since 1853 he has been in practice as a public notary and patent agent in Melbourne, and has been a prolific contributor to the local journals. His best-known productions are the series of articles entitled "Travel Talk" which appeared in the Melbourne Argus under the signature "J. H." Two volumes of selections from these articles were published in London by Sampson Low & Co. in 1879 and 1880 under the title of "The Australian Abroad," and a colonial edition in one volume was published in Melbourne in 1885.