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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Holder, Hon. Frederick William

Holder, Hon. Frederick William, M.P., Premier and Treasurer, South Australia, is member for the Burra in the Legislative Assembly of that colony, and was Treasurer in the Cockburn Ministry from June 1889 to August 1890, when he resigned with his colleagues. Mr. Holder is the son of James Morecott Holder and Martha Breakspear (Roby) his wife. He was born at Happy Valley, S.A., on May 12th, 1850. He is a captain in the volunteer military force of South Australia, a J.P., and was twice Mayor of Burra. He has been member for the Burra since 1887. He married at Burra on March 29th, 1878, Miss Julia Maria Stephens. Having virtually been for some time leader of the Opposition to the Playford Government, he, in June 1892, moved a direct vote of want of confidence in them, which was carried on June 17th by a majority of four votes. Mr. Playford immediately resigned, and Mr. Holder was sent for, when he succeeded in forming a Government in which he himself took the position of Treasurer in addition to that of Premier.