The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Hull, Hugh Munro

Hull, Hugh Munro, son of George Hull, of Tolosa and Brien's Bridge, was born in Westminster on March 19th, 1818. He was appointed clerk to the Governor of Tasmania in April 1834; senior clerk, Colonial Secretary's Office, in July 1841; Statistician and Secretary to Committee of Officers in 1844; Police Magistrate, J. P., Coroner, and Chairman of Quarter Sessions in 1856; Clerk Assistant in Parliament in 1857; captain 2nd Volunteer Rifles in 1860; clerk of the House of Assembly in April 1864. He was secretary to the Reception Committee of H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, and also to the Intercolonial Exhibition Commission, and secretary to the Philadelphia Exhibition Commission. He is the author of "Forty Years in Tasmania," "Tasmania in 1871," "Hints to Emigrants," and "Tasmania as a Field for British Emigration." He was secretary to the Tasmanian Commission for the Sydney International Exhibition of 1879 and the Melbourne International Exhibition of 1880. Mr. Hull, who married first Antoinette Martha, daughter of James Aitken, of Glen Esk, and secondly, in 1854, Margaret Basset, daughter of William Tremlett, of St. Leonards, died on April 3rd, 1882.