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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Innes, Hon. Frederick Maitland

Innes, Hon. Frederick Maitland, M.L.C., was born in Scotland in 1816, and arrived in Tasmania in 1833. He entered Parliament at the inauguration of free institutions in 1856, and was appointed Colonial Treasurer in Mr. Weston's Ministry, which held office for little more than a fortnight, in April and May 1857. He held the same post under Mr. (afterwards Sir) Francis Smith's Administration, which immediately succeeded, from May 1857 to Nov. 1860, and in the Weston Ministry from the latter date till August 1861, when he took the same post in the Chapman Ministry. In Nov. 1862 he resigned the Treasurership, and became Colonial Secretary in the same ministry, resigning with his colleagues in Jan. 1863. He was subsequently Chairman of Committees, and became President of the Council in August 1868, a post which he resigned in Nov. 1872, to become Premier of an administration, in which he also acted as Treasurer, holding a seat in the Assembly. He resigned in August 1873, but again took office as Treasurer under his successor, Mr. Kennerley, in March 1875, retiring with the rest of the ministry in July 1876. Having returned to the Legislative Council, he once more became President of that Chamber in March 1880, and held the position till his death on May 11th, 1882. Mr. Innes married a daughter of Humphrey Grey, of Eastbourne, near Avoca, Tasmania.