The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Kemble, Myra

Kemble, Myra (Mrs. White), was born in Ireland, but was taken in early life to Australia, where she was educated at the Geelong Convent School in Victoria, so that she is generally ranked among Australian-born artistes, amongst whom she is one of the most popular and capable. For some years she held the place of "leading lady" in various companies, and has been equally a favourite in all the cities of Australia and New Zealand. In 1890 Miss Kemble paid her first visit to England, when she purchased the colonial "rights" of Dr. Bill, by Hamilton Aidé, and other pieces. During her sojourn in London Mr. Robert Buchanan wrote a play, entitled Man and the Woman, specially for the popular colonial actress, who produced it at a matinée at the Criterion, where, however, despite excellent acting, it did not prove successful. After Miss Kemble's return to Sydney she made a brilliant reappearance at the Criterion Theatre in that city in Dr. Bill, and she has since been touring in the various colonies.