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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Middleton, Lieut.-General Sir Frederick Dobson

Middleton, Lieut.-General Sir Frederick Dobson, K.C.M.G., C.B., son of the late Major-General Middleton, 3rd Dragoons, by his marriage with Fanny, daughter of C. Wheatley, was born in 1825, and entered the army in 1842. He became captain in 1852, major in 1858, lieut.-colonel in 1869, colonel in 1875, major-general in 1885, and retired as lieut.-general in 1887. General Middleton served with the 58th Regiment in the New Zealand war, 1846-7. He was present at the capture of Kawiti's Pah, and at the repulse of the attack on Wanganui. For his services he was mentioned in despatches, and received a medal. He served with distinction through the Indian Mutiny. From 1874 to 1884 he was Commandant and Secretary of the Royal Military College. Sandhurst, and in the latter year was appointed to the command of forces during the rebellion in the north-western territory, in Canada, and commanded the Canadian Militia with the local rank of Major-General until 1890, when he resigned. He was created C.B. in 1881, and K.C.M.G. in 1885. Sir Frederick married, in 1870, Eugenie Marie, daughter of Theodore Dowcet, of Montreal.