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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Morehead, Hon. Boyd Dunlop

Morehead, Hon. Boyd Dunlop, M.L.A., was born in August 1843 in Sydney, where he was educated at the Grammar School and the University. After a short connection with the Bank of New South Wales, he became Inspector of Stations in Queensland for the Scottish Australian Investment Company. He was returned for Mitchell in 1871, and two years later started business in Brisbane, and is now the head of the well-known firm of B. D. Morehead & Co. In 1880 he was called to the Legislative Council, and was Postmaster-General and Leader of the Upper House in the McIlwraith Administration from Dec. 1880 to August 1883, when he resigned. Mr. Morehead, who has represented Balonne in the Assembly since 1883, accompanied Sir Arthur Palmer to Sydney to represent Queensland at the Intercolonial Conference in 1881. He led the opposition in the Lower House during Sir Thomas McIlwraith's retirement from politics from 1883 to 1888, and on the return to power of the latter after the general election in that year, he accepted office under him as Colonial Secretary. In Nov. 1888 Sir Thomas McIlwraith resigned the Premiership through ill-health, and Mr. Morehead succeeded him as head of the Ministry, taking the offices of Chief Secretary and Colonial Secretary. In Sept. 1889, on Sir Thomas McIlwraith's complete withdrawal from the Ministry, Mr. Morehead also succeeded him as Vice-President of the Executive Council In August 1890 Mr. Morehead resigned office with his colleagues, and left Queensland on a two-years' trip to Europe with his wife, who unfortunately died in Sydney in November whilst waiting to join the Orient Company's steamer. Mr. Morehead is a cousin of the Right Hon. James Lowther, M.P.