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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Romilly, Hugh Hastings

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Romilly, Hugh Hastings, C.M.G., was the third son of the late Colonel Frederick Romilly, by his marriage with Elizabeth Amelia Jane, daughter of the second Earl of Minto. He was born in 1856, and was private secretary to Sir Arthur Gordon when Governor of Fiji in 1879, and when Governor of New Zealand in 1880-1. In the latter year he was appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Western Pacific, and visited and lived in all the principal groups of islands. He was in charge of New Guinea after its annexation until Sir Peter Scratchley's arrival, and after his death in 1885 and 1886. In the latter year Mr. Romilly was assistant commissioner in charge of New Guinea exhibits at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition at South Kensington. For his services in this capacity he was created C.M.G., and in 1888 he was appointed deputy Commissioner of the Western Pacific and consul for the New Hebrides and Solomon Islands. He quitted the colonial service in 1890, and returned to England. In 1891 he accompanied Lord Randolph Churchill in his visit to Mashonaland. Mr. Romilly died in London in July 1892. He was the author of "A True Story of the Western Pacific in 1879-80" '(London, 1882), "The Western Pacific and New Guinea" (London, Murray, 1886), and "From My Verandah in New Guinea" (London, Nutt, 1889).