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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Sitwell, Hon. Robt. Sacheverell Wilmot

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Sitwell, Hon. Robt. Sacheverell Wilmot, B.A., son of the late Robert Sacheverell Sitwell, of Morley, co. Derby, by Charlotte Anne, daughter of Francis Bradshaw, was born in Nov. 1823, and educated at Brasenose College, Oxford where he matriculated in June 1841, and graduated B.A. in 1845. He entered at the Middle Temple in April 1846, and was called to the bar in May 1849. Mr. Sitwell emigrated to Australia, and was admitted to the Victorian bar in Feb. 1853. He was Solicitor-General in the first responsible ministry formed in Victoria, from Feb. 25th to March 11th, 1857. He married, on Dec. 18th, 1861, Mary Blanch daughter of John Senior, of Birkenhead and subsequently resided in England.