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Stanbury, James, the successor of Searle in the rowing championship of the world, is a native of New South Wales, and was born at the Hawkesbury on Feb. 25th, 1868. In 1887 he won the first prize in the Lake Bathurst handicap, but was beaten the same year by Christian Neilson in a race over the Parramatta championship course. The next year he defeated Julius Wulf, but was himself defeated by Searle in a very toughly fought contest. In 1890 Stanbury twice defeated O'Connor, the American champion, who the year previously had been beaten by Searle on the Thames, in each case over the Parramatta course. On April 29th he defeated MᶜLean, another New South Wales sculler, over the same course for the championship of the world. In 1892 he also beat Sullivan, the New Zealand sculler, over the Parramatta course.