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The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Suttor, Hon. Francis Bathurst

Suttor, Hon. Francis Bathurst, M.L.A., son of the late William Henry Suttor of Bathurst, by his wife Charlotte Augusta Anne (Francis), was born at Bathurst in 1839, and educated at the King's School, Parramatta. He was returned to the Assembly for the city of Bathurst in 1875, and sat till 1889, when, on accepting office in the Dibbs Government, he was defeated and nominated to the Legislative Council in February of that year. Mr. Suttor was Minister of Justice and Public Instruction in the second and third Parkes Administrations, from March to August 1877, and from Dec. 1878 to April 1880, and held the offices of Minister of Justice, Minister of Education, Postmaster-General and Acting Secretary for Mines successively in the latter Government till Jan. 1883. From Feb. 1886 to Jan. 1887 he was Postmaster-General in the Jennings Ministry, and Minister of Public Instruction from Jan. to March 1889 in the Dibbs Government. Mr. Suttor, who married in 1863 the only daughter of Thomas J. Hawkins, of Walmer, resigned his seat in the Legislative Council in 1891, and was again returned to the Assembly for Bathurst at the General Election in that year. In October following he accepted the post of Minister of Education in the second Dibbs Government, and during the absence of Sir George Dibbs in England in 1892 was acting Colonial Secretary in addition.