The Dictionary of Australasian Biography/Watterston, David

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Watterston, David, editor of the Australasian, was born in Haddingtonshire (East Lothian) in 1845, being the youngest son of James Watterston, of Balgone Barns. The family, after spending a year in Gottland, in the Baltic Sea, went to Australia, arriving in April 1853. After acting as clerk in an attorney's office in Melbourne, Mr. Watterston removed to Queensland in May 1860, and in October of the same year, commenced his connection with the press. He learned reporting on the Ipswich Herald (afterwards the Queensland Times) under Mr. Hall, who set him in the way of studying shorthand. From Ipswich he went to Brisbane in 1865, to undertake parliamentary reporting. He was several years in the gallery for the Brisbane Courier and next on the Guardian, from which paper, in June 1869, he obtained promotion to the parliamentary staff of the Argus, Melbourne, returning to Victoria after nine years' absence. Mr. Watterston executed various special commissions for the Argus, being sent to the United States in 1876, for six months, in connection with the Philadelphia Exhibition. He went to England in 1879, to report on the movements of the Berry-Pearson embassy. Mr. Watterston was appointed chief of the Argus reporting staff in 1881, and four years later, on the editorship of the Australasian becoming vacant, he had that position given to him, the Australasian being a weekly literary, sporting and agricultural journal, started by the proprietors of the Argus in 1864.