The Dispensary (7th ed)/Commendatory verse 3

The Dispensary by Samuel Garth
To my Friend Dr. G———th, the Author of The Dispensary. by Thomas Cheek

To my Friend, Dr. G———th, the
Author of the Dispensary.

TO Praise your Healing Art would be in vain;
The Health you give, prevents the Poet's Pen.
Sufficiently confirm'd is your Renown,
And I but fill the Chorus of the Town.
That let me wave, and only now Admire,
The dazling Rays of your Poetick Fire:
Which its diffusive Virtue does dispense,
In flowing Verse, and elevated Sense.

The Town, which long has swallow'd foolish Verse,
Which Poetasters ev'ry where rehearse;
Will mend their Judgment now, refine their Taste,
And gather up th' Applause they threw in waste.
The Play-house shan't Encourage false Sublime,
Abortive Thoughts, with Decoration-Rhime.

The Satyr of Vile Scribblers shall appear
On none, except upon themselves severe:
While yours Contemns the Gall of Vulgar Spight;
And when you seem to Smile the most, you Bite.