The Elfin Grove

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English-language translations of
Die Elfen
by Johann Ludwig Tieck

"Die Elfen" was first published in 1812 in Tieck's collection of tales Phantasus (Part I). It was sometimes abridged and included in translated English collections of Brother Grimm stories as "The Elfin Grove".

English-language translations of Die Elfen include:
  • "Elfin-Land", (anonymous translator), Popular Tales and Romances of the Northern Nations, Volume 3. 1823 (transcription project)
  • "The Elves", Thomas Carlyle (translator), German Romance, Volume 2. 1827
  • "The Elves", (anonymous translator), Tales from the "Phantasus," etc. of Ludwig Tieck. 1845
  • "The Elfin Grove" (abridged), Edgar Taylor (translator), Grimm's Goblins. 1876
  • "The Elfin Grove" (abridged), Marian Edwardes (translator), Grimm's Household Tales. 1912